A writer is a world trapped in a person. —Victor Hugo  (via a-namelesscat)

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The worst kind of writer’s block is the kind where you know what’s going to happen and how it’s going to happen and everything other single detail but for fuck’s sake, it won’t turn into words.

crazy4orcas replied to your post “Clint/Natasha and Sam/Jack”

*FLAILING* What a fantastic set up for those two to meet! LOVING this, thank you!

After blinking at the prompt for a moment, I went, “Hey, this could be interesting… *knuckle crack*” It felt so good to go back to SG-1, so thank you for the prompt! I’m so glad you liked it. :)

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Remember when Honey Maid released that “wholesome families” ad, featuring same-sex couples, parents with tattoos, biracial couples, and other general awesomeness? Conservatives were pissed. So Honey Maid did them one better and released another video, addressing the hateful and homophobic comments head-on. And now I’m crying. (via the Huffington Post)

some times, a company feels the need to flip off its critics. and some times, it is GLORIOUS

Welp, looks like I’m adding Honey  Maid products up near Ben and Jerry’s ice cream for my weekly shopping list.

and I’m crying


I want to buy all the Honey Maid whatever it is they make.

Good for them.

I uh… I didn’t know who Honey Maid is… but now I wanna check out their stuff.

I think you do know them but don’t realize, Hira. Honey Maid makes graham crackers! And very nummy ones, too. Good on them for this.

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It came up and we played with it, but we didn’t pick Black Widow out of nothing. She’s sort of the embodiment of the morally murky world we live in now, and we wanted to put her in stark relief with Cap’s point of view. If she’s serving that function, and she’s got the same job as Hawkeye, then we’ve got to find a reason for Hawkeye to be in it, and we don’t want to disservice anybody. You can take smaller villains and give them small roles — like Batroc has a 15-minute sequence in this movie, and that’s okay — but you can’t really do that with Hawkeye. So we couldn’t make that work. —Stephen McFeely, on why Hawkeye wasn’t in Captain America: The Winter Soldier


darcy asking mjolnir politely if she can lift the hammer off of the magazine she wants to read - because sometimes thor doesn’t pay attention to where he sets it down and mjolnir ends up on the coffee table on top of darcy’s stack of magazines (“myah-myah, i want that” *lifts mjolnir to awe of everyone in the room, thor laughs* “thank you!” *puts mjolnir down again, walks off with magazine) and it’s just great

everyone else tries the same thing, because if darcy “my taser is my best friend” lewis can pick up thor’s magic hammer, than they all should be able to, right? nope, no dice


let’s talk about the winter soldier.

let’s talk about posthumanism and body horror and the kind of thorough desensitisation that’s almost orwellian in its completeness. let’s talk about how the winter soldier has no concept of self or identity, how he clearly doesn’t think of himself as a person. let’s talk about him being desensitised not only to the violence he perpetuates, but also to the violence done to him. 

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[] Maria Hill: Agent of Badass

You know, she’s been really damaged. I think that [Natasha] very early on in the past probably learned to not care too much about people because they could be easily taken away from her and used against her. And she probably didn’t want to hurt the people that she loved the most. So she never needs them or never invested too much in them, knowing that it would probably put them in danger.

But I think she hopes that for someone like Cap, I think she sees someone who could have his life enriched by sharing it with somebody. She sees someone that kind of yearns for that, but, you know, is also scarred by the series of events that have changed his life. Maybe she kind of sees in Steve [Rogers] a little bit of herself and wants something more for him. —Scarlett Johansson

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tbh the best marvel headcanon i’ve ever imagined is steve and bucky being giant disney nerds back in the day when there were like 4 disney movies in existence and so then when they’re reunited steve’s like guess what happened when i was in an iceberg and you were a super assassin a frickton of disney movies that’s what and they have a massive disney marathon in the screening room of stark tower that goes on for like a week and they end up singing everything at the top of their lungs and completely out of key and the rest of the avengers are just like i s2g if those two ancient losers start belting out at last i see the light one more time i will lose my fucking mind